2048 Game: Strategy and Thoughts


Games should all be like this. 2048 is a game with 4 simple controls: up, down, left, right. It is played on a 4×4 grid with numbers on it. After swiping (or key press) in any direction, if the numbers hit each other, it will collide to make the sum. This opens up one extra space and a LOT more playable moves. After 2 plays, I got addicted. After sending it to my friend, when I walked over to talk to her after 10 minutes, all she said was “Leave me alone. Don’t distract me.”

Here’s my strategy so far, and will hopefully update as I play more (trust me I’ll be playing more)

  1. Early Game: focus on making the biggest number until about 32 or 64. Then form numbers AROUND that number and merge when time is right.
  2. Keep your big numbers to the edge, and try to NEVER be in a position to fling it across the room!
  3. Don’t move your tiles around too much. See which moves you can do just to combine the tile you are looking at.
  4. Think candy crush. Plan your moves 2 – 3 steps ahead. Make sure if one number merges, it’ll enable a smooth transition to late game.
  5. Following the first step, you should be able to make new emerging tiles all show up on the same area, allowing quick merges.
  6. Form that area of all 8’s and 16’s. The gateway to easy picking and big numbers.

Strategies in simple words from Lauren’s boyfriend: pick one direction and never go that way.

My current high score: 5420 (up to 512 block)

2048 High ScoreUpdate:


2048 high score

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6 thoughts on “2048 Game: Strategy and Thoughts”

  1. Piyush beat it last night. His strategy hint he gave me was “pick a direction and never use it.” So I haven’t been using “up.” This has gotten me to 11, 708 and to tile 1024. The one thing you want to avoid though is locking your tiles in (where they can no longer move in each row)… which is sometimes hard when you don’t want to use up.

  2. essentially tip 2. keep the number to a side. If your big number’s side has 4 already in that row (or column), you can still go that direction, your big number just won’t move. Gotta get that 2048! hahaha

  3. I don’t know/don’t think 2048game.com is made by the original creator. I want to try to support the creator’s original work (just like how there’s no official app made by him out there for phones)

  4. You just need to make your biggest one in a corner and then make progessively smaller numbers next to it so that you can swipe them all together when you get the chance. I’m at 36,204 and have gotten 2048 at least three times.

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